This is Della O’Brien’s Content Marketer portfolio, which includes an assortment of various types of blog posts, in various voices, each discussing different topics.

I Have Over 2 Years of Blogging Experience.

While my blog has recently been changed, due to a narrower focus on the type of material it features and the audience it serves, I have used Content and Coaching by Della to inform readers looking for various types of Personal Development, for over 2 years.

Plus Experience With Scholarly Writing And Extensive Research Training.

I am currently in my Junior year in my Undergrad studies, majoring in Psychology with a specialization in Marketing at Capella University. Throughout my time as a student, I have written several papers, which has given me the opportunity to write in a scholarly tone and to improve my research skills.

Additionally, I trained as a Research Analyst for Wonder. This provided me with the chance to learn from a company filled with well-trained, high-quality researchers. It also taught me what types of sources are reliable and gave me excellent research databases and skills to add to my toolkit.

This portfolio includes posts on a variety of topics- not just meditation or marketing.

There are also a few posts located on the Octopus Labs website. You can view them by clicking here.

Various Voices

Some posts follow APA citation rules, because they were used as assignments in my Psychology courses at Capella University, but many are more casual, due to being posts I used in my coaching business.

I added both, to show my ability to write in various voices.

Click the image, below, to see an example of one of the posts I wrote, following APA standards:

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From A Little Green to More Polished Content

You will find posts from the beginning of my blogging career, as well as some that are more current.

For one of my more polished posts, created recently, click the image below:

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Want to see one of my first posts? This might give you an idea of my writer’s journey and the amount of improvement that I can achieve in only a short amount of time.

Meaning, I improve my skills, every day. By the time you are reading this, I have probably improved even more than in the above, most recent post.

For an example of one of my early posts, click the image below:


Wide Range of Topics to Choose From

As you read through, you may notice the a wide array of topics.

Topics you will find in Della O’Brien’s portfolio

  • Marketing
  • Meditation
  • Spirituality
  • Dreams
  • Self-care
  • Psychology
  • Mindset

I added all of the posts to this Portfolio, so you could see my ability to cover a wide range of topics.

And That’s Not All…

These topics are not the only topics I can write about. I am open to writing about most things.

My primary requirements for deciding for or against a topic are:

  • Is it Ethical? I will not promote unethical activity.
  • Is it Relevant? I will only write about topics which are relevant to the requested project.
  • How does the topic fit in to Environmental Concerns? I will not write about something which is bad for the Environment. Our world is in critical condition and I don’t plan to further negatively impact it. What we do will affect the coming generations- our family.
  • Does it promote exclusion or insult others? Our world needs us to pull together- not apart. For that reason, among others, I will not write anything racist or sexist.
  • Is it unhealthy? I cannot knowingly endorse anything which negatively impacts the health of any individual- physically, mentally, spiritually, or otherwise.

Evidence and Research

You will find evidence of my ability to research topics thoroughly in the posts that cite scholarly resources, which were used in assignments.

For an example of one of these posts, click the image below:

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You will also see references made to Influencers in various Industries, particularly Coaching and Personal Development.

Recycled Posts

Some of the posts featured were recycled from past posts. This is sometimes useful for businesses, because it gives them the opportunity to update old posts or combine two or more previous posts and tweak them, making them more informative and engaging for the reader and improving their website’s SEO.

For example, the post which posed the question “Is Social Media Isolation The “New Lunchroom Table Crisis?” was originally used in an assignment in my Psychology of Social Media class. I reposted it, with a few minor edits, the weekend prior to the 2020 Presidential Election, to remind people to investigate their News Sources when deciding on a candidate.

Click the image, below, to view this post:

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An example of a more casual post which I Recycled is the post about Where To Meditate.

Click the image, below, to view this post:


Posts about marketing

Click the image below to view What is a Niche and Why Does it Matter?

For more information about me, see my LinkedIn profile.

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Please feel free to contact me at 979-282-5399 or contentandcoachingbydella@gmail.com for inquiries.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!