Why Should Wellness Brands Blog?

Too blog.. or not to blog, typed on a typewriter

If you have ever wondered why wellness brands should blog, read on. 

Digital expert, Neil Patel, says that being among the top 10 on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) might mean another thousand or more clicks to your website daily. If only one person per month converts to a customer, which is a low estimate, what would that do for your wellness business? One way to accomplish this is to blog.

Image of a typewriter with the words, "to blog or not to blog."

If you want to rank on the SERP, you’ve got to add fresh content to your website frequently. Content is essential for your website because it will help you get more traffic and make visitors feel at home. The additional value extended to your website visitors often sparks the law of reciprocity, leading to conversions. Your website visitors learn from you and purchase your products or services- a win-win.

Blogging can improve your SEO.

You should have a blog on the site with fresh content. The content should be good in terms of SEO ranking and Click Through Rate (CTR)- The percentage of people who click your link on the SERP, compared to the number of people who clicked all links on the page. A regular update can generate new leads that may lead to increased sales. Posting updates regularly and ensuring they are high-quality ones like the topics below might provide incentives, so people come back again.


Keyword Suggestions from Answer the Public:

  • Wellness gifts for employees
  • Wellness in the workplace
  • Wellness journal

Use the tools available to produce quality content.

The above suggestions came from Answer the Public, a great resource to consult before writing your blog posts. The recommendations come directly from search queries from real people. Consulting it allows you to see into the mind of your prospect.

Choose a query to design a blog post around, using the keywords suggested by Answer the Public. Ensure you provide real value, though, and not simply keyword stuffing.

What’s next?

My next blog post will be on how you can turn your results from Answer the Public (or a similar website) into a map for your website so that you can use it as a guide for content creation. That way, you’ll always have something to talk about. After that, all that’s left is adding some personality and connecting with your prospects.

Would you like to skip these steps and have someone write your content for you?

If so, fill out a contact form, and I will reach out as soon as I receive it.

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